T.A.R. dealer inquiry

Thank you for your interest in becoming a dealer for T.A.R. Race Car Bodies. T.A.R. Race Car products are marketed throughout the United States and Canada via a network of dealers. As a dealer for T.A.R. Race Car Bodies, you can expect to receive a number of services including priority packaging and shipping via UPS or motor freight.

To Become a T.A.R. Race Car Bodies dealer, the following requirements must be met:

1. You must operate a speed shop or chassis shop primarily active in oval track racing.
2. An initial order of $1,600.00 must be placed to establish the dealership. This order will be shipped freight collect.
3. You will be expected to maintain a reasonable inventory of body parts and components that are commonly used in your area.
4. A copy of your business state tax number must be submitted to T.A.R. Race Car Bodies before purchases can be made at dealer prices.

If you meet the above criteria, please complete the dealer application. Upon determination of eligibility, a copy of dealer prices will be sent to you.

New dealer accounts with T.A.R. Race Car Bodies will be set up as follows:

1. All new dealers will be on a one-year probationary period. You will be reviewed after twelve months.
2. Payment for all new dealers will be Pre-Pay/Cashiers Check or credit card for the first six months. To expedite motor freight shipments, T.A.R. Race Car Bodies encourages new dealers to use a credit card for payment.
3. All other policies will be handled as per the attached Term and Conditions of Sale for authorized T.A.R. Race Car Bodies Dealerships.

Being a dealer oriented company, T.A.R. Race Car Bodies protects its dealers within a given area depending on market size and is contingent on dealer sales volume as dictated by market conditions. While we are committed in protecting you as a dealer, you are also expected to retail T.A.R. Race Car Bodies products at published Racer Net pricing.

Should issues arise anytime during a dealership, termination of your dealer status is as follows:

1. T.A.R. Race Car Bodies reserves the right to establish another dealer in any existing dealer’s area if sales volume diminishes.
2. Unfair sale tactics by retail dealers will not be permitted and shall be cause for termination of dealership privileges.

Please call with any questions or concerns.


Roy Aitchison
TAR Race Car Bodies
(608) 575-4481